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The best formula for newborns (Birth to 6 months)

Welcoming a little one into the world is a beautiful and incomparable experience for any parent. One essential task of parenting a newborn is figuring out what formula is best for a newborn. With many brands, flavors, and options available today, finding which type best suits your infant's needs can take time and effort. But no worries, we have many different organic formulas to choose from that are nutritious, made from high-quality ingredients, and healthy for your baby. These formulas will help nourish your precious baby during this time in their life! 

What to look for in a Formula?

At Organic Formula Shop, we only source organic and Non-GMO formulas made in Europe with clean ingredients. Our brands (HiPP, Holle & Lebenswert) are certified to the European Union's highest standards which are much stricter than in the United States. You will never see sucrose, corn syrup, pesticide residue, artificial colors, or preservatives in our formulas. Instead, you'll find healthy ingredients such as organic skim or whole milk, organic lactose, organic whey, organic vegetable oils, vitamins, minerals, prebiotics, probiotics, and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids such as DHA and ARA.

As you embark on your feeding journey, we want to reassure you that a fed baby is a happy baby, and the most important thing is to ensure that your little one is getting all the nutrients they need for a good start in life. You are the best person to decide which formula fits you and your baby. 

Different Stages

European Organic Baby Formulas

From birth to their first year, your baby's nutritional needs grow and change as they develop. That's why we carry specifically tailored formulas for each stage of development - Stage 1 (aka: Infant formula) for babies 0-6 months old. Stage 2 (also called "follow-on formula") for 6+-month-olds, and Stage 3 formula perfect for toddlers over one. Our range ensures you can provide all the essential nutrients in every step of your little one's growth journey. Newborns can also benefit from "Stage PRE" formulas, a nutritious option specifically designed for delicate tummies. Without adding starch, these easy-to-digest formulas offer optimal nourishment for little ones in those early weeks and months.

Which Type of Formula? 

Organic Cow's Milk Formulas: The most common base for organic baby formulas is Cow's milk. Most organic cow's milk formulas are made with skimmed milk that has been supplemented with a blend of organic vegetable oils to create a fatty acid profile comparable to breast milk.

Organic Goat's Milk Formulas: These formulas provide the same nutrients as cow's milk formulas, but they may be more suitable for babies who have trouble digesting cow's milk formula or who show symptoms of milk protein intolerance, such as eczema or skin rashes. Goat's milk formulas are also becoming more popular as an attractive formula option for any baby, not just those with cow's milk sensitivity.

Hypo-Allergenic Formulas: Cow's milk protein allergy affects an estimated 2% to 7,5% of infants. Infants with cow's milk protein sensitivity or a more mild form of intolerance may benefit from a hydrolyzed formula in which the milk proteins have been broken down into more manageable parts.

Specialty formulas: Feeding difficulties are common among young infants whose immature digestive systems may need some help breaking down the nutrients in formula. We offer a range of premium specialty formulas that have been developed to help ease some of the most common feeding and digestive problems.

Our Formulas for 0-6 Months

We understand that parents want the best for their babies, and so do we! Our top-notch parent support team is here to help new mums and dads find the perfect formula. Each baby's needs are unique; what works well for one may not be suitable for another. We have carefully curated our range of formulas with quality and nutrition in mind, plus a high popularity rate among our parent-customers. These cow's milk formulas are highly recommended for infants from birth to six months, and any one of them would be an excellent choice for your baby:

Stage 1 Organic Formulas Organic Formula Shop

Here's the selection of Organic Goat's Milk Formulas (From Happy Goats!) we carry.  Let's Goat:

We also offer several specialty formulas, that are suitable from birth onwards for babies with special feeding conditions:

Our Top picks for Newborns

Making the right organic formula choice doesn't have to be complicated; Organic Formula Shop's comprehensive Comparison Chart makes it easy to distinguish between various formulas and their ingredients. Whether you're looking for whey, starch, probiotics, or DHA in your little one's nutrition plan, our trustworthy favorites will get them off on the best start. We've put together a list of some favorites that have attracted many satisfied customers, which may make your choice a little easier.

Our winner is: HiPP Dutch Stage 1

HiPP Dutch Stage 1 Organic Formula Organic Formula Shop

HiPP Dutch Stage 1 is a nourishing and clean formula, perfect for infants from birth to six months. This "Swiss Army Knife"  of Organic Baby Formulas is crafted with organic ingredients like skim milk, lactose, whey, vegetable oils, essential vitamins & minerals, prebiotics, probiotics, and omega-3's DHA. It provides everything your baby needs in a wholesome meal! Plus, this delightful blend of goodness stays free from genetically modified organisms (GMOs), synthetic nutrients or preservatives, gluten, soy, corn syrup sucrose, maltodextrin, and starch. This formula is known for its rassemblement to breastmilk and is the best-rated formula we carry. With HiPP Dutch stage 1 you can feel secure about what goes into your little one’s tummy.  

Best Value: HiPP UP Stage 1

HiPP UK Stage 1 Organic Formula Organic Formula Shop

HiPP UK Stage 1 is a fabulous choice for infants from birth to six months. It contains essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals such as DHA & prebiotics that help boost immunity and support the gut microbiome. Plus, it's GMO-free with no corn syrup or soy - providing an ideal balance of nutrition without any nasties added in. This organic European formula truly delivers amazing quality at a great value while helping parents give their little ones the best start to life possible. At a price of $42,99 per 800 grams, this is our best-value option.

Best Alternative to Cow's Milk: Holle Goat Stage 1

Holle Goat Stage 1 Organic Demeter Formula Organic Formula Shop

For parents looking for a nutrition-packed, organic option that is vegetarian-friendly and free of palm oil, Holle Goat Stage 1 formula offers an ideal solution for their baby's diet. This minimally processed alternative includes natural ingredients such as whole organic goat's milk combined with lactose, maltodextrin, and vegetable oils, plus DHA from algae oil. All are specially formulated to offer maximum benefit from birth until six months of age.

Holle Goat is a go-to option for parents seeking to provide their baby with the world's most nourishing and delicious goat formula! Its lower A1 beta-casein protein makes it easier on sensitive digestive systems than cow's milk formulas. This makes Holle an ideal choice for young ones who suffer from symptoms like eczema, skin rashes, constipation, or gas pain due to allergies.

Please note: If you suspect your baby may be sensitive to cow's milk protein, HiPP HA Hypoallergenic Stage 1 is specially formulated with hypoallergenic ingredients that could help reduce the chances of a reaction. However, it's crucial to consult a pediatrician before introducing any new formula to ensure safe and healthy nutrition for your little one.

For sensitive tummies: HiPP Comfort

HiPP Comfort Organic Formula Shop

HiPP Comfort offers a unique formula specially developed for babies of all ages, from newborns to infants. Its whey proteins have been partially broken down, and it has less lactose than most other formulas. This way, your little one can enjoy balanced carbohydrates with maltodextrin and starch and better digestion which is excellent if they suffer from colic, gas, or constipation. Included in the blend is beta palmitate, which encourages calcium absorption while their tummy stays full longer thanks to vegetable oils supplying fatty acids.

HiPP Comfort Formula is designed with sensitive tummies in mind, ensuring babies get the nutrients they need without any extra additives. This formula contains beneficial prebiotics, probiotics, essential vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids but leaves out all artificial ingredients like corn syrup, sucrose, or GMOs. So parents can be sure their little one's bellies will stay comfortable no matter what!

Not sure which formula to choose?

Our dedicated support team will work with you to determine the best formula for your baby's needs. We love talking with parents, caregivers, or family members about our unique products. Please shoot us an email at