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Stage 4 formulas are the equivalent of toddler milk and are specifically designed to meet your toddler’s caloric and nutritional needs. The Junior Stage 4 Milk from Hipp, is made for toddlers two years (24+ Months) and older who get sufficient calories from solid foods.

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  • Hipp Dutch Organic Formula - Stage 4
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HiPP Organic baby formula can be used from birth all the way into weaning as a complement or substitute to breast milk. Each stage and each European baby formula has unique properties and clean, organic ingredients so your baby will grow, develop, and thrive.

Feeding your baby a formula appropriate for their age is important. European baby food manufacturers use a variety of names to label their infant and follow-on milk, the best approach is to carefully read the packaging to determine what age the formula is intended for.

Hipp Dutch Stage 4 Organic Formula Shop

HiPP Stage 4 uses only organic milk from farms that operate strictly according to organic farming guidelines. The cows are kept humanely, grazed on natural meadows, and farmed without chemical fertilizers and synthetic chemical pesticides. The natural feeding of livestock with grass, hay, or grain guarantees the best organic quality, resulting in nutrient-rich milk. This makes the HiPP Organic milk for dairy food so valuable.

No matter which EU-formula your baby takes, you can rest assured that the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has set strict regulations for all EU-manufactured baby formulas to ensure your little one receives all the premium nutrients they need.

Whether your family decides to start with formula from birth onwards or introduce this at a later stage, Organic Formula Shop offers all the European formula stages your little one could need. 

Need help deciding which formula is best for your little one? Please check our handy baby formula comparison chart to help you understand the differences between our offered formulas. 

Do you still have questions? Our dedicated support team is ready to help you choose the best baby formula for your little one. Please shoot us an email at