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Organic Formula Shop offers one of the most streamlined, convenient, and straightforward shopping solution for European Organic Baby Formulas to  parents in the US image

Because our climate-controlled warehouse is based close to the European manufacturers, we can guarantee that every product that is being picked up for delivery is fresh, original and in a pristine state.

Parents to Parents
Organic Formula Shop was founded by two Dutch entrepreneurs (and parents) who both lived and worked in the US and Canada. While raising their families they then realized there is a big difference in quality between the European and North American produced formulas. After a lot of research, talking to several nutrition experts, and many other parents they decided to found Organic Formula Shop. Our mission is to online share the gathered knowledge with other North American parents who themselves will be able to feed their baby safely and conveniently with the best possible alternative after breastfeeding. From parents to parents image

Over the past years, the company has grown into an international team of enthusiastic and diverse specialists. Dutch people are not only known for their friendliness and open-mindedness but also their reliability. At Organic Formula Shop this is no different! Hard work, dedication, and loyalty to thousands of satisfied parents have resulted in becoming a trusted name for buying formula. We are proud to support and supply a fast-growing number of parents with their newborns each year with European Organic Baby Formula for the most competitive prices on the market in a reliable and fast way.

Ordering at Organic Formula shop is like ordering directly from the manufacturer!

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