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Based in the Netherlands, Organic Formula Shop offers the most reliable and convenient shopping solution for European Organic Baby Formulas Worldwide. 

Our mission is to share our gathered knowledge about baby formulas with parents and caretakers from the U.S. to India and elsewhere. Those who nurture can now feed their babies safely and conveniently with the best possible alternative after breastfeeding: EU-manufactured Organic Baby Formulas certified by the strict EFSA guidelines. 

Dutch people are known for their friendliness, open-mindedness, and reliability. At Organic Formula Shop, this is no different! Due to hard work and being loyal to thousands of parents, we have become a trusted and known name for buying EU formulas globally. We are proud to support and supply a fast-growing number of parents with their newborns with our formulas for the most competitive prices on the market in a reliable and fast way.

Because our climate-controlled warehouse is close to the European manufacturers, we guarantee that every product picked up for delivery is fresh, original, and pristine.

Ordering @ the Organic Formula Shop is like ordering directly from the manufacturer!

Our highly rated and dedicated support team is known for its knowledge and swift responses. Any questions? Please contact us, we're here to help!