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Lebenswert – The Company

Important to know is that Lebenswert is part of the Holle Family. It was introduced about ten years ago to give parents a less costly alternative to organic and high-quality baby formula. Holle is an established and respected manufacturer with almost 90 years of experience in the baby food industry. Their Lebenswert brand is also held to high standards, making their products widely regarded as some of the best formulas.

Lebenswert formula was designed to offer parents a more budget-friendly organic formula. That being said, Lebenswert makes no compromises when it comes to providing your little one with a formula made according to high European organic standards with premium ingredients.

The Bioland certification of all Lebenswert ingredients means that the formula is derived from farms that abide by high standards of farming practices. Bioland certification is a guarantee of purity and strict farming practices meaning:
- Only using untreated seeds
- Using preventive measures to protect plants
- Keeping livestock according to breed and species
- Using natural compost in place of chemical or synthetic agents
- Hormones are prohibited, and antibiotics are only permitted when necessary for animal health

Because the Lebenswert brand avoids peanuts, soy, and wheat ingredients, it’s much less likely to cause allergic reactions than some brands that get ingredients from those sources.

If you’re looking for a pure, organic baby formula that is reasonably priced, our Lebenswert formulas stage 1, 2 and 3 are a great choice!