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Introduce your baby to delicious organic & plant-based infant formulas from Bebe M. This dairy-free vegan formula range is created with a unique base of 100% organic rice protein hydrolysate. Bebe M formulas are developed to provide all the vital nutrients that growing newborns require to thrive since they believe every baby deserves the best start in life. We from Organic Formula Shop couldn't more agree! Order now to receive delicious baby formulas to support your baby's growth.

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Bebe M Organic Formula Shop

BebeM is guaranteed 100% organic & plant­ based (Vegetarian), milk-free and gluten-free. The vision behind their products is built on a unique nutritional, industrial, and ecological approach: 100% vegetable, based on rice protein hydrolyzate, certified organic farming, without milk or gluten, without added sugar or salt, without soy, and without palm oil. From infants to young children, BebeM developed delicious formulas adapted to everyone's needs.

What ingredients make BebeM formulas special?

  • Protein intake is provided by an organic rice protein hydrolysate specially developed by BébéM;
  • Balanced fatty acids are provided by coconut, almond, colza, or sunflower oil;
  • Slow carbohydrates are provided by naturally gluten-free cereals such as rice, millet, or buckwheat;
  • Vitamin D is extracted from Icelandic lichen and not from sheep’s wool;
  • Vitamin C is extracted from acerola berries;
  • Mineral contribution is provided by marine algae.

This French family-led independent company was founded in 1989 as La Mandorle. They were the 1st manufacturer of organic almond milk in France and are pioneers, in producing lactose and gluten-free products. Bébé MANDORLE was born in 2013 to offer babies from 0 to 3 years old a 100% vegetable and organic infant range, milk-free, gluten-free, soy-free and palm oil-free, and manufactured using an exclusive cold process. For this range, La Mandorle has had an organic rice protein hydrolyzate developed. Renamed Baby M in 2020, their infant formula series was awarded a Gold Innovation Trophy.

BebeM complies with strict regulations.
The Bebe-M range was developed in 2013 and validated with the authorities before marketing. It meets  French and European regulations governing nutritional intake and health criteria. Their manufacturing process is subject to strict control plans and marketed after rigorous liberatory analyses. They work closely with several external laboratories specialized in infant nutrition allergen screening and contaminant analysis for a better guarantee.

BebeM is Certified Organic
BebeM is certified organic by ECOCERT  since 2013 and by AB France for its approach in selecting ingredients, formulation, and manufacturing.

EcoCert Bebe M infant formulas Organic formula Shop      AB France Cert. Organic Formula Shop

These regulations and certifications implies strict requirements in terms of pesticides and contaminants. It also means several health and environmental guarantees like:

  • Ingredients: non-GMO, non-ionized, with a list of prohibited additives, flavors or colorings, etc.
  • Formulation: with a minimum of 95% organic ingredients.
  • Manufacturing: with prohibited processes or inputs, with prohibited sanitary products based on health or ecological criteria.
  • Packaging: with controlled and without prohibited materials.
  • Products: ingredients, suppliers, formulation.
  • Manufacturing sites: storage, production, traceability, quality. 

Here are some FAQs related to the BebeM and their formulas:

Q1: My baby has dairy allergies/intolerances. Is it safe to feed him BebeM?
A: Yes. BebeM formulas are dairy and lactose-free. 

Q2: This Formula is FSMP labeled. What does that mean?
A: FSMPs are designed to feed people who, because of a particular disease, disorder, or medical condition, have nutritional needs that cannot be met by consuming standard foodstuffs. Specifically, according to EU legislation, they are intended for patients with a limited, impaired, or disturbed capacity to take, digest, absorb, metabolize, or excrete ordinary foods, specific nutrients, or metabolites; or with other medically nutrient requirements whose dietary management cannot be achieved by modification of the normal diet alone. Please, always consult your pediatrician before introducing the formula to your baby. 

Q3: Why does the formula taste different?
A: It is a known fact that even though rice protein hydrolysate is excellent for digestion, it has a slight bitterness. There is no problem with the product and no risk in feeding it to your baby. We know by experience that babies generally accept and enjoy this formula. Babies' taste buds are different from those of adults, and their appreciation of taste is also different.

Q4: Why are the texture and color so unusual?
A: To meet regulatory requirements, organic rice protein hydrolysate can vary in color and give BebeM infant formulas a beige to light beige color. The “wet sand” texture is related to two factors: The mix of the powdered ingredients with the cold-pressed vegetable oils. The oils penetrate the powder, giving it a greasy texture that can form clumps, which are easily broken up by touch. Secondly, the fineness of the protein hydrolysate powder tends to clump together. 

Q5: Why are there small shavings in the prepared bottle?
A: Adding coconut oil in a cold manufacturing process can form small white particles (coconut shavings). They can be larger than 1mm and dissolve after reconstitution with hot water and vigorous agitation. However, they can still limit the proper flow of a teat with small holes. If required, it is recommended to use teats with larger holes.

Check our baby formula comparison chart to help you understand the differences between our offered formulas. 

Not sure which formula to choose?
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