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Bébé M the Company

Bébé M the Company

History of MandorleIn 1999, Arnaud VANNIER-MOREAU embarked on a journey with the acquisition of La Mandorle. The brand offered three dried fruit drinks manufactured in Spain since 1989. His vision was to revolutionize the brand and its products, particularly in terms of manufacturing. Furthermore, he wanted to promote the benefits of dried fruits through innovative, plant-based, nutritionally rich drinks free from dairy, gluten, and soy. These drinks would be crafted using environmentally respectful industrial processes and  would be a source of both health and pleasure, hence La Mandorle's slogan; "Natural Pleasure and Health."
In 2005, La Mandorle continued to innovate by introducing the first sugar-free almond milk and the first almond-based cooking preparation. La Mandorle became known as "The Specialist in Almond Milk with High Nutritional Value."

A Remarkable Industrial Transition - Plant-based Infant Formula

After years of several developments, La Mandorle's growth necessitated an industrial upgrade. Over the years, the brand has developed various brands to meet diverse expectations and marked the beginning of an industrial transition: manufacturing Plant-based infant formula. Hence, Bébé MANDORLE (now Bébé M) was born in 2013.

History of Mandorle Organic Formula Shop
This new brand was introduced, offering babies aged 0 to 3 years a 100% plant-based and organic infant range. The idea behind Bébé M was born to offer parents and babies a wholesome and vegan rice milk formula, free from dairy, gluten, soy, and palm oil. All while manufactured using an exclusive cold process. This innovative bio-plant-based product line earned the prestigious 2020 Gold Trophy for Innovation.

What ingredients make BebeM formulas unique?

  • Protein intake is provided by an organic rice protein hydrolysate specially developed by Bébé M;
  • Balanced fatty acids are provided by coconut, almond, colza, or sunflower oil;
  • Slow carbohydrates are provided by naturally gluten-free cereals such as rice, millet, or buckwheat;
  • Vitamin D is extracted from Icelandic lichen and not from sheep’s wool;
  • Vitamin C is extracted from acerola berries;
  • Marine algae provide a mineral contribution. 

Bébé M is Certified Organic

As an independent family business, La Mandorle's has been certified organic for over 30 years. Furthermore, Bébé M has been certified organic by ECOCERT  since 2013 and by AB France for its approach in selecting ingredients, formulation, and manufacturing. Since 2017, La Mandorle has proudly held the BioEntrepriseDurable label

ECO Cert Organic Formula Shop    AB Agriculture Biologique Organic Formula Shop


These regulations and certifications imply strict requirements in terms of pesticides and contaminants. It also means several health and environmental guarantees like:

  • Ingredients: non-GMO, non-ionized, with a list of prohibited additives, flavors or colorings, etc.
  • Formulation: with a minimum of 95% organic ingredients.
  • Manufacturing: with prohibited processes or inputs, with prohibited sanitary products based on health or ecological criteria.
  • Packaging: with controlled and without prohibited materials.
  • Products: ingredients, suppliers, formulation.
  • Manufacturing sites: storage, production, traceability, quality. 

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