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Why you should consider soy free baby formula?

Today’s formulas are often so well made by manufacturers that it is a good resemblance to breast milk. With the creation of soy-based, lactose-free formulas, babies with lactose intolerants can also be accommodated. Lactose intolerant babies are often unable to digest lactose sugar found both in breast and cow’s milk. The undigested lactose causes gastrointestinal problems to infants. The soy-based formulas are often used as the alternative when a baby is lactose intolerant. Recent research, however, has shown that soy-based formulas can be harmful to your baby’s growth and development. Here are some reasons why you should consider switching to the soy-free baby formula: 


Trypsin inhibitors

Trypsin is an enzyme present in pancreatic juice that aids in protein digestion. The trypsin inhibitors present in soy bind to trypsin and hinder it from digesting protein. During processing, the manufacturers often use modern techniques such as heat and pressure to deactivate these inhibitors, resistant to deactivation. Up to ninety percent is deactivated, which means that around ten percent of trypsin inhibitors are still present in these formulas. Due to these inhibitors binding on trypsin, the pancreas can become stressed to produce more trypsin. Suppose the baby is given this formula occasionally, the pancreas recovers quickly. But if the formula with soy is given day after day, the pancreas can become weary and could cause serious health issues in the long term.

Shortage in amino acids
The baby formulas made from soybeans lack carnitine and taurine. A shortage in these amino acids can cause dysfunction in the brain and cardiomyopathy in babies. Plant-based proteins do not offer the same growth intensity as animal protein to infants. Therefore, protein from cow’s milk might be more suitable for infants than that of soybeans. An infant should get all essential amino acids to grow stronger and healthy. That is why it is often recommended to use the soy-free formula over soy dominant formula.

Confuses the hormones of a newborn
Research indicates that bodies of babies fed with soy formula are exposed to abnormal levels of estrogen more. Sometimes with even the equivalent to five birth control pills! This female hormone in baby boys could cause abnormal development of sexual organs later on in their puberty stage. For baby girls, there might be even a possibility of infertility at adulthood.

Can cause a lack of calcium
The soy protein contains phytate, a substance that binds with minerals such as calcium, iron, and zinc. This can prevent their absorption in the body. For the development of the newborn’s bones, calcium can be a critical component. For the blood, the production of iron is a key component. A lack of iron could lead to anemia in babies. Zinc can be essential for the optimal development and proper function of the central nervous system.

We hope this gives you a better insight into the difficulty and importance of choosing your baby’s right formula. The goat formulas from Holle do not contain lactose nor soy. Please check our formula chart for a full overview of ingredients per formula. We have a whole range of fantastic formulas that will suit your newborn! Still a question? Do not hesitate to shoot us a message.