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Best Formula for Reflux in Babies


reflux in babies

Chances are you’ve seen (or experienced) babies about to spit-up. Spitting up is entirely normal, but parents should recognize when it’s spit-up or something more. Infant reflux can be expected but is more of a concern and should be observed. Fortunately, reflux is common, and there are plenty of ways to identify and ways to treat it, including formulas for babies with reflux.

What is Infant Reflux?

Infant reflux is acid reflux in babies. While many babies will spit up after a meal, reflux is more of a concern. There are several differences between spit-up and reflux. Spit-up will be occasional and not bring additional symptoms, where reflux is frequent, causes other symptoms, and can lead to weight loss. If your baby is struggling or losing weight, it’s your sign to investigate the problem further.

Reflux, also called gastroesophageal reflux disease, is when stomach contents come back up the esophagus and sometimes make it to the mouth. Reflux can cause vomiting, cough or wheezing, refusing to eat, unable to eat, heartburn, gas, and more. The usual culprits for reflux in babies are underdeveloped digestive tract or allergies.


How to Help Reflux

If you suspect your little one may have reflux, speak with your doctor. Doctors can evaluate your child in person and may diagnose reflux with history and physical examination alone or order tests to confirm.

There are several ways to help reflux in babies.

Here is a list of standard treatments and lifestyle changes to stop or minimize reflux:

  • Avoid laying baby down after feedings
  • Thoroughly burp your baby
  • Keep head elevated when laying down
  • If approved by a doctor, thicken bottle feedings
  • Feed smaller portions more often
  • If approved by a doctor, try solid food
  • Doctors may prescribe short-term medications


Best Formula For Reflux

One effective treatment option is to switch to a formula that can help your baby avoid reflux. Your doctor will likely adjust the formula, possibly changing from milk-based to soy-based, or hydrolyzed protein formula, which is easiest for your little one to digest.

The best formula to control your infant's reflux is HiPP Anti Reflux Formula. This formula is used for reflux for the following reasons:

  • Natural thickener so that formula stays down
  • Organic ingredients for easy digestion
  • Omega 3 and 6 LCPs
  • Appropriate for all ages 
  • GMO-free and antibiotic and hormone-free

Use our handy Ingredients Comparison Chart to find the best option for your little one.