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Babies need healthy food that tastes great and doesn’t contain unwanted ingredients. Parents can rely on HiPP for a product range developed to nutrition science principles; meals created suitable for their baby’s age, and the most stringent organic quality checks..

The HiPP brand was founded in Germany in 1899 and has been an innovation leader in baby food, organic, and ecological businesses ever since. HiPP goes the ‘extra mile’ to ensure its formulas are of the highest organic quality, analyzing all ingredients for traces of over 1,000 substances. They exceed the legal requirements needed to call a product organic.

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HiPP also takes sustainability seriously. They work closely with environmental and ecological organizations and run environmental management systems that minimize water and energy consumption. This ensures that almost 100% of its factory waste is recycled. Today, HiPP’s factories across Germany, Austria, and Hungary are entirely carbon neutral.

With this level of commitment, it’s no surprise that HiPP baby formulas are the most nutritionally complete worldwide. Hipp formulas are always based on lactose from organic skim milk, contain added whey to more closely resemble breast milk protein composition, and typically include prebiotics and probiotics.

This is why we from Organic Formula Shop endorse HiPP:

1. Hipp formulas are as close as possible to breast milk.
2. HiPP stands for ecological agriculture and sustainable values.
3. HiPP is a family-owned business.
4. HiPP subjects its products to highly rigorous tests
5. HiPP Exceeds the EU Organic Standards