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The ultimate diaper bag check list

Let’s go outside! Here’s your diaper bag check list.  No matter if it’s summer or wintertime, going out with your family can be healthy and fun! Putting everything you need in your “toolkit” diaper bag is key for having a great time in the outdoors. The question is, what do you pack? We have made a list of some essentials, so you will always have a fully prepped diaper bag. So, what are those essentials?


Baby Formula
If you are traveling or going out for a short trip to the neighborhood, you would want to make sure you have enough formula. A lifesaver can be a formula container in which you can pre-measure the formula. Also, a special bottle warmer in which you can bring boiling water. With these two items, you can make a formula bottle anywhere you go.


Diapers + wipes
You would be surprised to hear how often it happens that parents taking their baby to the changing room only to open their bag and realize they forgot the diapers or wipes. A good trick is to ensure the bag is just always stocked up (with 3 or 4 diapers), even when you are at home.

Having two bottles in the bag is always a good thing. Having a back-up is not a bad idea when it comes down to bottles.

If you let your baby use one, then you will understand the importance of having at least one in your bag.

A clean set of clothes
Babies pee, poop, and vomit all the time. This is something parents discover very quickly. Unless you plan on making a fashion statement with shoulder stains, it could be smart to bring at least two small burping cloths to help catch any spit-up. For any other accidents, you might want to have a full change of clothes for your baby.

Changing pad
Fold up the changing pad and slide it against one side of the diaper bag. This will ensure you find it in a flash when needed.

Rash cream
A rash is never nice, and an uncomfortable baby is certainly not nice. Having a tube of diaper rash cream on hand, that can relieve some of the irritation, can be a real lifesaver.

A stuffy or some toys
You could argue that these are essentials, but baby’s favorite soft toy or some little toys can be a great comforter when they start to get a little cranky or cannot fall asleep in a new environment.

When your baby is old enough for solid foods it could be handy to have some snacks on hand just in case. It can satisfy a hungry baby for just those few extra moments until you get home or reach an eatery. Plus, it’s always nice to have a snack for yourself hidden in there, too.

Having a little bottle of water with you is also a good idea. Just in case you get thirsty or clean the face of your little one after spitting up a bit. Even when you need to prepare some formula you know for sure that your own water is safe to use.

Being a parent of a newborn sometimes makes you forget things because of the lack of sleep ;). Let’s assume it’s one of those days and, you’re out and discover you have forgotten your wallet. Then you are happy to have some emergency money in your bag.

Hand sanitizer
Handy to have so that you can easily sanitize your hands before touching your baby when in public spaces or after changing their diaper.

As a new parent, an organized diaper bag can really be a lifesaver. When you’re on the go with your little one and they need a diaper change, you don’t have time to rifle through the entire diaper bag to find diapers or the changing pad. Once you have gathered the necessary supplies, place them in the bag in a well-organized manner. Keep your storage techniques consistent so you always know which supplies are in which pocket. Make sure you also restock the bag as needed so you are always prepared for the next diaper change.

Have fun!