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A Guide to Metafolin® in Hipp Organic Baby Formula

HiPP infant nutrition is a trusted name in the baby formula business, this family-owned business stretching back across four generations. They don't just provide infant nutrition; their ongoing research strives to reproduce breast milk as closely as possible. This dedication has seen them pioneer the introduction of Metafolin®, which now can be found in all their Combiotic product lines.

HiPP Combiotic infant formulas contain folate, an important B vitamin essential for cell division and growth. During your baby's rapid physical development, this nutrient supplies the necessary components to synthesize purine and pyrimidine that provide structure for DNA & RNA molecules. Folate is crucial for cell division and tissue growth; it supports the following:

  • DNA synthesis
  • Cell division
  • Blood formation
  • Protein synthesis

This vitamin is, therefore, indispensable for brain development, growth, and blood formation, especially in the early stages of development.

Natural Folate Source

For many years, synthetic folic acid was the only option available in baby formula, but not anymore. Thanks to recent research revealing that breastfeeding provides babies with Metafolin® (5-MTHF), HiPP has taken a significant step forward by adding an unprecedented source of natural folate to their formulas. Metafolin® is readily available to the body. Synthetic folic acid requires a great deal of effort to be absorbed as it must first be 'activated' in the body before it can be effective. Folate or Metafolin®, on the other hand, can be absorbed easily, and all babies can process Metafolin® immediately. Thanks to the natural folate source Metafolin®, easy absorption and processing of this vital vitamin is guaranteed. So now, by ordering this formula, parents can ensure that their newborns get optimal amounts of Metafolin® for healthy growth and development when they need it most.

Fun Fact:
Folic acid/folate comes from the Latin 'folium' (leaf). This is because the first sources of vitamin B were extracted from spinach leaves.


Folid Acid vs Metafolin®
To discover the safety of Metafolin® fortified formula, a study showed that babies who received this folate form were nourished just like those breastfed. Plus, their folate levels were up-to-par with infants from the control group too! All in all, every baby could benefit significantly from formulas already containing bioactive folic acid.


folid acid vs metafolin


Furthermore, Metafolin® has been approved by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA. An extensive clinical trial supports its suitability and demonstrates age-appropriate physical growth in infants.

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HiPP Organic Formula is a pioneer in infant nutrition. And it's not hard to see why - each formula features the best ingredients and combines science with nature for wholesome nourishment your baby will love. Don't forget about all those other added benefits like prebiotics & probiotics and Omega 3 & 6 as found naturally in breast milk. With so much quality packed into every carton or can, parents can rest easy knowing their little one gets only the best, most trustworthy, and premium nutrition. This is why Organics Formula Shop proudly carries HIPP baby formulas