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Holle organic baby formula

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A healthy life for your baby begins right from the start! Some of the best formula brands in the world come from Europe and can be one of the best alternatives after breastfeeding. All Holle organic baby formula stages can be found on our website and are delivered within 4 days to your doorstep. Holle Organic baby formula logo

About Holle

Holle organic baby formulas are made in Demeter quality. The company was founded in 1933 and has uncompromisingly rejected chemical processing and preservatives from the very beginning. Holle is extremely aware of the responsibility they carry by being manufacturers of baby food. As a result, sustainable management and social responsibility have always been among their company’s core.

Demeter Quality

Demeter agriculture is unique in its consistent and holistic approach because its biodynamic growing methods give back to nature more than it actually takes. It is farming in harmony with nature. The use of chemicals, synthetic pesticides and fertilisers and GM technology are strictly prohibited in biodynamic agriculture. holle organic baby formula Holle dementer baby formula

Holle organic formula ingredients

Many baby formulas can appear similar at first, but their ingredients lists say otherwise. We believe the Holle organic  formulas are part of the world’s best formulas out there. Here are some of the reasons why we love the Holle organic formulas:
  • No pesticides or chemical fertilisers are used to grow the raw ingredients.
  • Holle only uses biodynamically or organically grown food.
  • They maintain close relationships with the Demeter certified farmers and this guarantees a long term supply of high quality raw ingredients.
  • Holle takes great care of their raw ingredients and how they are processed and cooked. They ensure this through an ongoing quality control system.
  • Every item of food Holle produces is constantly checked to make sure it meets the highest legal, safety and nutritional requirements.
  • Every one of their baby foods are guaranteed to be free from genetically modified ingredients (in accordance with EU regulations). Holle never uses artificial flavorings, colorings or preservatives, and they do not add refined sugar.
  • It is manufactured in Germany
  • Holle offers Cow & Goat milk formulas
  • DHA added for a healthy growth of your little one

Holle Organic formula stages

As a European brand Hole created formulas that are developed specifically to meet and support your baby’s development and growth at each stage of their lives. The Holle organic formula stages start with stage 1. Stage 1 is also called infant formula. This stage is designed to meet the needs of babies from birth until up to 6 months. As your little one is growing stronger and bigger the next stage is more appropriate. Stage 2 is suitable for babies from 6 months and older. This stage is called follow-on milk. The Holle organic formula stage 2 has a higher amount of calories per bottle compared to stage 1. Then finally stage 3, which is also called follow-on milk which is suitable for babies from 12 months onwards.

Holle organic formulas - Cow & Goat

Holle offers two different types of formula, the cow based formula and the goat based formula. Both come in the three stages as mentioned above. The goat and cow milk formula are similar in the amount of fat, so they are excellent breastfeeding substitutes both in taste and texture. These organic formulas contain crucial vitamins and minerals that can help babies meet developmental milestones. When your baby has trouble digesting cow’s milk protein goat milk can be a solution. Goat milk formula generally forms a softer, smaller, and looser curd once it reaches the gut. This can make it easier to digest for your little one. Milk intolerance can occur when a baby is not able to digest the sugar in milk (lactose). As goat milk contains a lower amount of lactose compared to cow’s milk your baby might tolerate this formula better. If you are looking for where to buy Holle formula, Organic Formula Shop is one of the leading Holle organic Formula USA & Canada distributor and a trusted source for selling the best organic baby formulas. We have a dedicated support team who is commited to helping you find the best formula for your little one. Organic Formula Shop

Reviews Holle Organic Formula*

5/5 Nathan, 6 March, 2021 My baby desperately needed a formula that wasn’t made from cow or soy milk. I’m so thankful I was able to find the Holle brand with organic Goat milk! It was a life safer! 5/5 Crystal, 3 Feb, 2021 We have never had any issues with this formula. My son was breastfed up until 3 months. I ended up switching to formula and wanted to make sure he was only getting the best product available. Knowing that goats milk is very similar to mother’s breast milk was one of the main reason I wanted to try and find a good quality goats milk formula. I have a holistic nutrition background so, I also know how important it is to have an organic product, especially when animals are involved. This all being said, the Holle Goat milk baby formula Stage 1 had everything I was looking for in a product that would be safe and nutrional for my child. Knowing he was getiing the best formula I could find really helped me be ok with the fact that I wasn’t able to breastfeed anymore. If I had to put him on the traditional cow’s milk baby formulas I would feel awful about not being able to breastfeed him. He has been on the formula since 3 months, he is almost 5 months. There has been issues with digestion and only a couple episode of constipation but not sure if it had anything to do with the formula itself. We are already looking forward to switching him to the Stage 2 goats milk in the next month! Thank you! 5/5 Emmanual, 16 jan, 2021 Great product. There is no comparison with the US formula regarding to goat milk. Will order again. 5/5 Shania L, 12 jan, 2021 This formula is beyond excellent! After many hours of research I concluded, this was the best organic formula on the market. The milk-formula looks and smells clean, unlike American formula. Which often looks grey and is terribly sweet and smelly. We will use this organic formula until my newborn is done bottle feeding. He loves it! 5/5 Mehranush, 9 jan, 2021 We love the clean ingredient list in this organic formula. My baby has always taken Holle well. We’re happy to be able to quickly receive the Holle formula here in Calgary 5/5 Dina, 11 Nov, 2020 My baby loves this formula. I’m so happy with this company and with how fast they ship out and deliver the product . I will continue shopping here . Thank you so much! *All reviews are from real customers. Individual results may vary and before deciding to bottle-feed we advise consulting your pediatrician.