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Hipp organic baby formula

Why buy Hipp Organic Baby Formula?

A Healthy life for your baby begins right from the start! Some of the best organic baby formula brands in the world, like HiPP, come from Europe and can be the #1 alternative after breastfeeding. The sweetener in HiPP is lactose, which is the closest to natural breast milk. There is no maltodextrin, and you get a variety of vitamins and antioxidants in the formula.

Like Holle formulas, HiPP organic baby formulas have no refined, high-concentrated sweeteners, no synthetic DHA or ARA, and no artificial preservatives.

  • All natural ingredients
  • No GMO's
  • No added sugar or corn syrup
  • Contains DHA

About HiPP:

HiPP organic baby formula

Parents know they can rely on HiPP for a product range that is developed to some of the best principles of nutrition science; meals exactly suited for your baby’s age and the most stringent organic quality checks. Established in 1899, HiPP is a family-run company that proudly stands for organic agriculture and sustainable values. Not only does HiPP produce some of the best baby formulas for little ones, but they do so while limiting their carbon footprint. HiPP formula is a good choice for your baby and for nature.

Organic Quality

HiPP Formula prides itself on developing products that use quality ingredients, meet with the strictest guidelines when it comes to safety and nourishment for babies, and is amongst the best European baby formulas available. Babies should be given healthy food that tastes great and at the same time does not contain any unwanted ingredients. This is why HiPP pays a lot of attention to the raw materials and ingredients used in all their products. The soil is carefully selected, the seeds are untreated and all the ingredients are carefully picked or grown. For the HiPP organic baby formulas only milk from farms that fully comply with the guidelines of organic farming are used. The cows graze on natural meadows where no mineral fertilisers or chemical synthetic agents are used. They eat natural grass, hay and grains to ensure the best organic quality for the milk that is so rich in nutrients. This makes the organic milk for HiPP baby formulas such a valuable food.

HiPP Formula Ingredients:

Both prebiotics and probiotics play a vital role when it comes to your baby’s development and this is why HiPP makes sure that the formulas contain the right ingredients to help meet your baby’s needs. Without the right components in the formula, your baby may not develop a healthy immune system to fight off common illnesses.

Important ingredients contained within the HiPP organic baby formulas:

  • Omega 3 & 6 LCPs (DHA & ALA)
  • Oligosaccharides obtained from lactose
  • Prebiotics & probiotics  

Would you like to know more about the ingredients present in the HiPP organic baby formulas? Read our blog post about the main ingredients present in European Baby Formula.  

Special HiPP Formulas

HiPP offers a wide variety of organic baby formulas, including special formulas for babies with feeding difficulties. Feeding difficulties can occur with young infants. Sometimes their immature digestive systems may need some help breaking down the nutrients in formula. The special formulas that HiPP has developed can help ease some of the most common feeding and digestive issues, such as:

  • Spit up
  • Acid reflux
  • Colic
  • Constipation
  • Gassiness
  • Allergies

HiPP made three different formulas to tackle the above feeding and digestive issues. HiPP Comfort has hydrolysed proteins, reduced lactose content, and several different carbohydrate sources, which make it easier to digest. This formula is good for babies whom experience colic, constipation or gassiness. When your little one has problems with acid reflux or spit op the HiPP Anti-reflux formula could be a good solution. HiPP Anti Reflux contains locust bean gum, which makes the formula creamier and thicker so that babies have fewer issues with spit-up. Then last but not least, HiPP created a formula specifically for little once with cow’s milk protein sensitivity or a mild form of intolerance. HiPP Hypoallergenic is a hydrolozed formula in which the milk proteins have been broken down into more manageable sizes. HiPP organic baby formulas are created to meet your babies needs, every step of the way.   

Although the vast majority of HiPP formula ingredients are organic, HiPP Comfort, HiPP HA, and HiPP AR cannot be officially certified as organic because the hydrolyzed milk protein is not available in an organic form. Besides this hydrolozed milk protein all other ingredients are organic.

View our most popular organic baby formula products: 

Browse our wide selection of organic baby formula from Europe above. When you want to buy HiPP formula but still have some questions, please do contact us, we are happy to help. Our customer support team is dedicated to help you find the best choice for your baby’s needs. 

Reviews HiPP Organic Baby Formula* 5/5

Christy, 4 March 2021

I switched over from US made formula. Now using HiPP and breast milk (supplementing). My son would cry so much because of horrible gas & discomfort. Now he’s doing so much better and is so much calmer. We couldn't be happier ;) Great client service!


Marina, 25 Feb 2021

We've loved using HiPP since my son was born, I actually started with the Dutch version. A week or so later switched to the NL version and stayed on that until about 4 1/2-5 months. Then finally converted to the German formula since we were about to introduce cereal and purées. My baby will be 6 months in a few days, and I just recently purchased the stage 2. I couldn’t recommend anything better than HiPP! Fast shipping too


Michelle, 9 Jan 2021

My husband and I have tried different formulas to supplement for our little son. Every time he had constipation or diarrhea! The Hipp HA formula is the only one that works for him! I am so happy to feed our baby an organic product that does not contain corn syrup solids and the junk food ingredients that most US formulas contain. I’m so happy that we found a reliable company to help us provide the best for our baby! Will order again.


Mandy, 18 Nov, 2020

Great service. Fast shipping. Fantastic product. I switched from Similac to hipp and found that my little one likes it better! Healthier for sure! 


K. 9 Nov, 2020

We are Germans living in California. Our first son had Hipp and now our second son gets Hipp via Great service and nice to have the German quality here in the US ;)


Amylia A., 5 Sept, 2020

This formula smells and tastes good. My baby had no problem with the switch. I changed from a Canadian brand to this because the ingredients are incomparably better and I’m pretty sure she has an allergy and after a day the mucus was already cleared. The delivery was very quick. I will definitely Be ordering again.

*All reviews are from real customers. Individual results may vary and before deciding to bottle-feed we advise consulting your pediatrician.

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