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HiPP Baby Formula Stage 1

From birth Onward – a nutritionally complete, whey based, gentle infant milk. These organic formulas are specially formulated using only the finest organic milk and contain Omega 3 & 6, DHA and prebiotics.

HiPP Combiotic stage 1 – tailored to infant requirements

Your little one grows so fast in these first months, and they need all the help they can get to do this as well as possible. The combiotic stage 1 range from HiPP is modeled on nature. Its composition is perfectly tailored to infants’ requirements. The HiPP stage 1 range supplies all the important nutrients for a healthy development. HiPP Bio Combiotik Stage 1 formula is suitable from birth and is ideal for supplementing breast milk or exclusive bottle feeding. How is your little one developing those first 6 months, and what do they need to support that development:

iron, vitamin a, c, d

The development of your baby is going fast, and their body is growing bigger and stronger. Before you know it, your little one can hold up his/her head. To be able to do so, the bone and muscle growth should be supported. Iron, Vitamine A, C, and D do this. Were vitamin D is essential for calcium absorption and thus very important.

Before birth your baby does not use his/her digestive system yet as there is no actual food to move. Once they start taking in food after birth the digestive system is properly put to work for the first time. This is why lots of babies experience colic, their digestive system is growing and developing during the first period of their life. Breastmilk contains prebiotic and probiotics to support this growth and so does the HiPP Combiotic stage 1 formula. Prebiotics (GOS) to support a healthy intestinal flora and Probiotics as the first colonizers of the intestines. The latter is actually originally isolated from breastmilk by HiPP so that it resembles breastmilk as close as possible.

omega 3 & 6

Besides the physical growth, your baby’s brain development is also going fast. A newborn can, for example, not see very far.  Only objects that are 8-15 inches away, just enough to see your face when you are feeding your baby. After the darkness of the womb, the world is a bright, visually stimulating place, and your little one needs some time to adjust to that. Throughout the months, your baby is learning how to focus, have depth perceptions, and when their eyes work well enough together, they will be able to form a 3-D view of the world around them. Omega 3 & 6 are present in breastmilk and Hipp Combiotic stage 1 to support brain, nerve cells, and eyesight development.

Breast Milk – the gold standard

Breast milk has the perfect variety of building blocks that promote an infant’s healthy development in the best possible way. This is why HiPP Combiotic stage 1 is developed according to this gold standard, breastmilk. The latest ­ findings of human milk research are being considered in the further ongoing development of HiPP ORGANIC COMBIOTIC Infant Formula stage 1.

If you want to know more about all the building blocks that are used to create HiPP Combiotic Stage 1 check out our blog article. Or you can always shoot us a msg and we are happy to help with any questions. 

Difference between HiPP Dutch, German & UK formulas

The differences between the HiPP Dutch, German & UK formulas are small. Below a table that illustrates the differences between the baby formulas across the most important categories. 

difference between hipp German UK and Dutch formula

The HiPP Dutch formula stage 1:  The absence of starch and the presents of prebiotics and probiotics for a health gut flora make this formula the most popular formula among the Combiotic range. 

The HiPP German formula stage 1: The main difference with the other two formulas is the presents of starch. 

The HiPP UK formula stage 1: The difference in the UK formula is the absence of probiotics

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Reviews HiPP Baby Formula Stage 1


Debby, February 25, 2021

This is the only formula we have been using since I had to stop breastfeeding. My son loves it!


Danina, November 4, 2020

Excellent formula! Made by Europe organic standards, which are far more strict then US. Baby loves it and is growing happy and healthy!


Soleils, October 07, 2020

I love ordering formula from Organic formula Shop. I get high quality and great and fast shipping included in the price! Their online store is so easy to use & ordering is quick. The entire team is so very helpful and friendly and answer any questions you have. Thank you soo much for this being an option for us in the United States. I couldn’t use any of the formula that’s produced in the USA because it didn’t sit well with my son. Now he is having the Dutch hipp stage 1 and it’s going great!. If you’re looking for an alternative to USA formula, I highly recommend visiting this site and trying some of Europe’s top organic baby formula