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What are baby Probiotics, and does your baby need them?

One thing is for sure; When you are shopping for baby formula you will bump into the word Probiotics (meaning “for life”). Some formulas are fortified with these probiotics, which are types of live bacteria. When people hear the word “bacteria,” they often connect it to uncleanliness or infections. However, bacteria can also be good.  You will find high levels of bacteria in the digestive system of breastfed babies. The presents of these bacteria in their guts is highly beneficial for the gastrointestinal (GI) system and help with other health conditions. Probiotics are thus considered good bacteria.

Are Probiotics Safe?

Probiotics are already present in most of our day to day diet. In the last 10 years, Probiotics have become popular because of their suggested health benefits. A study from the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NIH) revealed that about 300.000 children and more than 3 million adults have started to use probiotics as a supplement.

The term probiotics is a generic term. It represents many different strains of live microorganisms, usually bacteria, that are considered to be good for your body because they could help maintain the right balance of bacteria in the digestive tract. You can find them in many things we eat daily and as supplements.

Do babies need Probiotics?

Amniotic fluid (surrounds the growing baby in the uterus) is not sterile and it’s your baby’s first introduction to bacteria.  The bacteria in the amniotic fluid is influenced by mom’s gut and oral flora. In a perfect world, moms would have great flora to pass onto their babies. But over the last century, we have been subjected to antibiotics, GMOs, sugary/starchy diets, and lots of processed foods, all of which can degrade the gut flora passed onto our babies. Baby probiotics are a baby’s first defense line since they help improve the balance of “good bacteria” in their bodies.

baby and probiotics

Benefits of Baby Probiotics

Because baby probiotics increase the number of good bacteria in the body, they do wonders for overall health, but are especially helpful for:

  • Digestive and immune system issues
  • A happy baby (good mood)
  • Weight problems
  • Skin issues


Are you convinced about giving more probiotics to your baby? If so, there are several methods for doing so.

probiotics for babies
  • If formula-feeding, use a probiotic-enriched formula. All HiPP Dutch and German formulas contain probiotics.
  • Get out there and play! Playing outdoors is one of the best sources of healthy gut bacteria.
  • Eat healthy and probiotic-rich Fermented foods are amazing for babies and toddlers.
  • Give a probiotic supplement. Many moms choose to add probiotic to their baby’s milk. Most supplements are tasteless and blend smoothly into the formula or pumped breast milk. Remember to add the probiotic supplement after preparing the formula or milk since the heat is likely to kill off the good bacteria if added before warming.

Let's recap

Building up a healthy gut microbiome starts at birth and continues throughout life. Having good bacteria in our guts has a crucial impact on our day to day immunity and well-being. We, Organic Formula Shop, are firm believers that a healthy start in life starts right from the beginning. We, as parents, play a relevant role in helping our infants obtain beneficial gut bacteria.

If you have questions about ingredients or need help finding the best formula for your baby, please contact us. We are always here if you have questions!

Note: Holle formulas do not contain prebiotics and probiotics, but HiPP formulas do. Always check the formula ingredients before giving your baby a dietary supplement.