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Organic Formulas for a healthy start in life

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No GMO’s, no chemicals, no corn syrup.
We are proud to share years of experience and these premium products with thousands of parents and their newborns. 

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When it comes to the health of your baby, you only want the best. And that is why we carry HiPP and Holle. This, after extensive research and talking to several nutrition experts and pediatricians.

The main difference between HiPP and Holle lies in the products they offer. Holle carries two types of formulas; cow and goat milk-based. HiPP has a higher diversity in its formula line. They have a production line made for the UK, German, and Dutch markets. And to meet any specific needs of your little one they have created special formulas against reflux, gassiness/colic, or allergies. Read more about the differences between HiPP and Holle here.   

Parent reviews*

hipp formula reviews by parents

“Making the transition from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding was made a lot easier for me knowing that the quality of these baby formulas is so high. Thank you, Organic Formula Shop, for helping me with my million and one questions during this time.”


J. Mackline, USA

hipp formula reviews from parents

“We have researched and tried many formulas, but our baby girl refused the bottle. We were so happy to find these European formulas from Organic Formula Shop. Our girl takes it well and is a happy and content baby now.”


M. Willowing, USA

baby formula reviews from parent

“When my wife was struggling with breastfeeding, I wanted to offer her and our baby the best alternative possible. Organic Formula Shop was fast and very adequate with their support team and order process. We got our products within 3 days!”


J. Smiths, Canada

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Why Organic Baby Formula?*

GMO free baby formula


All the baby formulas we sell are GMO-free and 100% natural

No added sugar in goat formula

No added sugar

No corn syrup, rice/glucose syrup, fructose, or table sugars are added

chemical free baby formula

No chemicals

No pesticides or chemical fertilizers are added to the formulas we sell

gluten free baby formula


HiPP & Holle formulas; gluten-free and European Organic certified

*European formula manufacterers are regulated strictly by the EFSA and need to follow strict guidelines before being able to label formulas Organic.
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